Monday, March 27, 2017

What Your New Orleans Pet Sitter Can Do For You

Our furry family members hold an important place in our lives and taking care of their needs is a top priority. Unfortunately, because many pet parents are forced to spend much of their day away from home due to work and other obligations, their babies are often left unattended for hours on end without entertainment. This is where having a pet sitter to call on can come in handy.

Is your fur baby getting enough quality time? These days most of us have come to realize that having a pet at home involves quite a lot more than just feeding, occasional bathing, and picking up after an animal. We understand that dogs, cats, and other cuddly critters have some of the same need for stimulation that their human caregivers do. They crave attention and affection, and keeping them active is important to both their physical health and emotional well-being.

Our client, Harold, enjoying a good head scratch.

Having an insured pet sitter visit your home at least once a day while you're working ensures that your fur baby avoids boredom - and doesn't engage in destructive behaviors. It will also keep your BFF from being too sedentary - which can lead to obesity and other unwanted health issues.

In New Orleans, Petit Pet Care provides in home service to households with "petit" pets up to 40 lbs. Dog walking services are available in the morning, afternoon or evening, and pet sitting services are provided 7 am to 7 pm all seven days of the week. Insured and bonded, we are members of Pet Sitters Associates, and we're Red Cross certified in dog and cat first aid as well as pet CPR.

Our client, Benson, after returning from a walk.

Many pet parents work full-time jobs and are up and out very early in the morning on weekdays. That can mean a quick let-out in the morning with your pup is all there is time for. Having a professional pet sitter come over to walk and play with your BFF is a great way to make certain he won't have to wait all day to relieve himself again, and he'll get to have fun and even enjoy some beneficial exercise.

Hiring an in-home caregiver is an especially good idea for those living in apartment buildings without the benefit of a real back yard. Your New Orleans pet sitter can pick up your dog while you're at work and take him to City Bark or one of the other local off-leash dog parks for a good tiring out. As everyone knows, a tired dog is a better behaved dog.

Our client, Tillie, looks suspicious because she knows her pill is coming. 

Older pets in particular, and those with special needs, can especially benefit from the personalized care a professional, in-home pet sitter provides. At Petit Pet Care we have experience caring for pets with medical needs and can administer your pet's topical and oral medications, as well as insulin injections.

In-home pet sitting isn't just for when you're at work. In the event that you have to travel, in-home sitting offers a number of advantages over boarding. Your fur baby gets to stick to her routine in her own familiar surroundings where she's most comfortable and be a lot less stressed while you're away. In addition, you get the peace of mind of knowing she won't be exposed to any of the potential risks that can come with kenneling.

Our client, Olive, taking advantage of pet taxi service.

Petite Pet Care doesn't do pack walks; that means your pet gets our full attention. We also provide additional services for our established clients such as pet taxi and lockout assistance. On extended sits we also bring in mail, water plants and will turn lights on and off as needed.

For more information on our dog walking and pet sitting services please visit our web site.

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