Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Safety Tips

Dogs pant to cool themselves.
Summer in New Orleans is pretty miserable. It’s hot. It’s super humid. Just consider how much worse it must be for our four-footed, furry friends who can’t sweat! Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Never leave your pet in the car! Did you know that in “only” 70 degree weather in 10 minutes the inside of a car can reach 86 degrees, and 104 degrees in only a half an hour! Our days are usually in the 90s. If it’s 90s degrees outside, inside a car it can reach 109 degrees in 10 minutes and a staggering 124 degrees after a half an hour.

Keep your dog and cat’s heartworm prevention current. Mosquitos spread heartworms and you know how many of those pests we have down here. Treatment for heartworms in dogs is expensive and takes time, and there is no treatment for cats.

Watch for signs of overheating and heat stroke. Dogs and cats can’t sweat to cool themselves like we can. Know how to cool down your dog or cat if they do get overheated.

Keep plenty of fresh water available
for your pets at all times.
Keep clean, fresh water available for your pet at all times so they don't get dehydrated. In the summer, they may drink more, plus the water evaporates faster. Put down additional bowls of water if you need to. I dump out the water and fill bowls with new water at least once a day for my cats and the pets I care for.

The 4th of July means parties, grilling out and fireworks. Check out these tips to keep your pooch and kitty safe and comfortable.

Summertime also means thunderstorms. If your dog has storm anxiety, talk to your vet about treatments to help them, provide a quiet place for them to hide, buy a wrap or play soothing music. I have a friend who swears by playing Frank Sinatra to keeps dogs calm.

And then there is the threat of hurricanes. Make sure you have an emergency plan and a destination you can take your pets with you. Have copies of their up-to-date vaccinations in your emergency kit.

Hope some of this information helps. Follow the links for in depth information. Stay cool and have a great summer!