Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holiday Pet Safety - Plants

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We are in the thick of the year-end holiday season. It’s wintertime and people like to decorate their homes for the holidays with greenery. It’s too nasty to be outside, so why not bring the outside in? We deck the halls with evergreen, mistletoe, Christmas trees, pine cones, poinsettias, holly and flower arrangements. But did you know some of these plants are dangerous to your pets?

The Pet Poison Hotline website states that poinsettias are mildly toxic to cats, dogs, horses, cows, and birds and may cause drooling, vomiting and possibly diarrhea but it doesn't sound like it would kill your pet.

Apparently there are other plants that are far worse for your pet. Holly and mistletoe can be moderately to severely toxic if you pet eats it so call your vet or a pet poison hotline (800-213-6680) for advice. Lilies and daffodils are very toxic to cats and daffodil plants and bulbs are toxic to dogs.

You might also want to deter your pet from drinking the water in the Christmas tree stand. It could have preservatives or bacteria that can upset your pet's digestive track. And if you have cats, you should not use tinsel. If a cat ingests the tinsel it can cause internal harm.

Acorns should also be noted. Around here they have been dropping by the hundreds. Max, one of the dogs I walk, loves to scarf up acorns. Thankfully he knows the command “drop it.” The Dog Channel reports:
Acorns, oak buds, leaves, and drinking water that acorns and oak leaves have soaked in, have all caused symptoms of oak poisoning.
You can enjoy your natural holiday decorations, just make sure to put them out of reach of pets, and watch pets closely. A little nibble of something might not hurt them, but ingesting large quantities could. Watch for signs of discomfort, nausea, vomiting or convulsions. If you see any of these call your vet immediately. If you are not sure, call the Pet Poison Hotline at 800-213-6680. To be extra cautious don't bring these plants into your home.


Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I have a tradition of inserting a photo of my cat Gonzo into a spooky Halloween themed image every year. I know better than to try and dress her in a costume. Cats, and black cats especially, are target by evil people around Halloween to do cruel things to. So keep those kitties inside if you let them out and be extra careful they don't sneak out.

I'm sharing these important Halloween tips from They cover treats that are poisonous to pets, "stranger danger" how trick or treaters and party guest may scare your pets and the dangers of decorations and costumes. I don't want to be a downer but a real downer would be having to rush your pet to the emergency vet. Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Safety Tips

Dogs pant to cool themselves.
Summer in New Orleans is pretty miserable. It’s hot. It’s super humid. Just consider how much worse it must be for our four-footed, furry friends who can’t sweat! Here are some important things to keep in mind:

Never leave your pet in the car! Did you know that in “only” 70 degree weather in 10 minutes the inside of a car can reach 86 degrees, and 104 degrees in only a half an hour! Our days are usually in the 90s. If it’s 90s degrees outside, inside a car it can reach 109 degrees in 10 minutes and a staggering 124 degrees after a half an hour.

Keep your dog and cat’s heartworm prevention current. Mosquitos spread heartworms and you know how many of those pests we have down here. Treatment for heartworms in dogs is expensive and takes time, and there is no treatment for cats.

Watch for signs of overheating and heat stroke. Dogs and cats can’t sweat to cool themselves like we can. Know how to cool down your dog or cat if they do get overheated.

Keep plenty of fresh water available
for your pets at all times.
Keep clean, fresh water available for your pet at all times so they don't get dehydrated. In the summer, they may drink more, plus the water evaporates faster. Put down additional bowls of water if you need to. I dump out the water and fill bowls with new water at least once a day for my cats and the pets I care for.

The 4th of July means parties, grilling out and fireworks. Check out these tips to keep your pooch and kitty safe and comfortable.

Summertime also means thunderstorms. If your dog has storm anxiety, talk to your vet about treatments to help them, provide a quiet place for them to hide, buy a wrap or play soothing music. I have a friend who swears by playing Frank Sinatra to keeps dogs calm.

And then there is the threat of hurricanes. Make sure you have an emergency plan and a destination you can take your pets with you. Have copies of their up-to-date vaccinations in your emergency kit.

Hope some of this information helps. Follow the links for in depth information. Stay cool and have a great summer!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

The Importance of Play and Your Cat

Cats are predators who in the wild (or on the streets) hunt and kill smaller animals for food. They practice their hunting skills even as tiny kittens by stalking their littermates and pouncing on them and attacking toys or fingers. If your cat goes outside I’m sure there have been times when they have either brought a dead animal to you, or brought a live animal into the house with them to continue playing with. Even though our domesticated house cats get fed well (sometimes too well) they never lose the urge to hunt.

This urge to hunt or practice their hunting skills is why I feel it is so important to keep toys on hard to keep your cat stimulated. A bored cat – much like a bored dog – will find something to do to fill their hunting needs, usually something destructive. They will knock things off counters or shelves; they will drag clothes or other things else around the house. Keeping toys on hand for your cat when no one is home is very important for your cat’s well being. Walk into a pet store and there is a huge variety of cat toys. I can’t tell you how many toys I’ve bought over the years. What appeals to one cat doesn’t to another.

I feel it’s very important to play with your cat as well. Teasers are great, so are laser pointers. Some cats will actually fetch a ball or toy. When I was in college, I had a cat, Cleo, who would steal my roommate’s ponytail holders. She loved it when I would shoot it across the room. She’d chase after it, pick it up then drop it by my feet to do again. Playing with your cat strengths the bond between you. I think they enjoy showing off their acrobatic skills and hearing your praise. Plus, your cat’s antics can be hilarious. Many times when I play with one cat, one of my other cats will sit back and watch with great interest or jump in and join the fun.

When raising your cat, they might try to bite or scratch your hand or arm, not understanding this hurts you and is unwanted behavior. Keep a plush cat toy on hand so when your cat “attacks” you, you can put the toy in the way so they can redirect their aggression. Praise them when they do.

I have a basket in my dining room I keep the cat toys in. It’s full of balls, plush, catnip toys, fake mice, and “teasers” with feathers and other things on the end of a wand. When I vacuum, I collect the toys from throughout the house and put them back in the basket. Over time, toys will slowly migrate into other rooms. Our black cat, Gonzo, loves to grab one of the wands with feathers from the basket, drag it into the living room when my husband and I are watching TV, and triumphantly drop it in the middle of the room. We verbally praise her mighty hunting skills and prowess. She seems so pleased with herself!

What really reconfirmed my belief in the importance of play was watching a videos of large cats in captivity playing with pumpkins and lounging in cardboard boxes. These lions, tigers and panthers look just like the common house cat playing.

What are some of your cat's favorite toys or games?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Service updates

Free dog walking

We now offer buy 9 get one free dogs walks. Pre-pay for 9 walks and the 10th walk is free!

Lock-out service

Also, don't forget our lock-out service. If you are a client and lock yourself out, give us a call and we'll let you in for $15. One of our clients who had the misfortune to use this service said "if not a life-saver, definitely a face-saver. Thank you so much!"

Cat box cleaning

For $10 we will clean the litter box! We'll scrub it out and make it smell good again. $5 each additional box. Can be added on to a pet sit; not a stand-alone service.

Nail trimming

For $10 I will safely trim your pet's claws/nails. Can be added on to a pet sit; not a stand-alone service.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tooting our own horn

We just got this wonderful recommendation from Paisan's mom. Thank you!
Paisan awaiting his dinner.
"I hired Petit Pet Care to cat sit while I was on an extended work and vacation trip in the summer of 2012. I was so happy with the service and care that Christy provided. I had not been on a trip like this for a long time, and knowing that she was there watching my cat Paisan made it possible for me to first concentrate on my work, and then actually enjoy the vacation part of my trip. She took such good care of him. She took photos of him the first few days to ease my mind, and she gave me updates. She was very professional. And I know that she was loving and attentive to Paisan, because even though when I got home, I know he missed me, I could tell he was pretty happy and content! It was invaluable to have someone as great as Christy taking care of my pet. The peace of mind was a great thing."

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

This weekend: Freret St Festival & Dog Day Afternoon

It's that time of the year in New Orleans, festival time! For the next two months the weekends will be crammed full of fun things to do before summer gets here.

Saturday it's the annual Freret Street Festival. There will be over 200 local vendors selling arts, crafts, flea market items and delicious food. There will also be four stages of live, local music. In the pet area, Petit Pet Care will be there sponsoring the Doggie Pit Stop with water and treats for your pooch along with the rescue organizations who will have dogs for adoption. There's no admissions fee so come spend a few hours and stop by and say hi!

Sunday is Dog Day Afternoon a fundraiser for the LASPCA. 11am-4pm at City Park. I'm volunteering 2-6pm at one of the drink booths so come find me and say hi!
Louisiana SPCA’s Dog Day Afternoon is Louisiana's first walk-a-thon and festival celebrating our furry friends! It provides the perfect festive setting to celebrate our canine companions and make them feel like royalty.

The day highlight is the Gatsby Strut, a dog-friendly walk-a-thon around New Orleans City Park's Big Lake. Enjoy live local music, services and treats from animal vendors and artists, dog obedience demos, dog contests and great prizes! Dog Day Afternoon is attended by over 2,000 family and canine members!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

I want to thank all of my wonderful customers for a great year. I look forward to seeing you and your furry critters again soon.

I also want to thank my fellow pet sitters who gave me advice and sent me referrals. We have some wonderful and caring animal lovers here in NOLA.

New Services

I now offer 20 minute pet sits for $20 a visit.
This is best for 1-2 cats.

Litter box cleaning - This is an add-on to a scheduled cat sit.
For $10/box I will scrub it out clean and fill with new litter.

Nail trims - This is an add-on to a pet sit.
For $10 I will safely trim your pet's claws/nails.

Tell a friend

I'm looking for new clients so please tell you fellow pet owners about Petit Pet Care!