Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Exploring The Upper 9: A Visit to Little Paws Dog Park

Situated slightly off the beaten path in the upper 9's historic Bywater neighborhood, Little Paws Dog Park is easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. In fact, if you happen to glance to the right instead of diligently keeping watch on the left, you'll most certainly drive right past it.

Located at 4517 N. Robertson, two blocks below Poland Avenue, Little Paws sits adjacent to the on-ramp of the Judge Seeber (industrial canal) bridge, between Kentucky and Japonica Streets. The small park, which first opened in January of 2015, is for small dogs only 40 lbs or less.

Conceived by Tia  Torres of Pit Bulls and Parolees fame, Little Paws became New Orleans' fourth off-leash dog park when it opened last year. It is the result, in part, of a successful bid in the 2014 Propeller and New Orleans Redevelopment Authority sponsored PitchNola Lots of Progress event by Little Dawgz in the Hood, which garnered a second place win and $2,000 award (provided by Entergy).

Villalobos Rescue Center runs the park, which is open daily from 5:00 am to 7:00 pm.  Unlike the other parks/runs we've looked at thus far, Little Paws has a good amount of shade.

There is ample open space for little fur babies to run around and play on and off of grass.

There are a number of benches around the sides of the park...

As well as a water pad...

On the day of our visit the recycled toilet drinking fountain in the front of the park had been dismantled, but there was a spigot and hose just inside the gate along the front fence.

There is a bathroom for the park's two-legged visitors (though it may be a good idea to bring along a pocket pack of tissues and some wipes when visiting).

One thing to note about the park is the presence of at least one oak tree - specifically the tree at the park entrance, that had littered the ground with acorns. Both oak leaves and acorns can be toxic to dogs, so keep an eye on pups prone to chew.

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