Friday, September 29, 2017

Nola's House Call Veterinarians

An animal doctor that makes house calls? You bet! The greater New Orleans area now has a number of veterinarians that will come to you in your time of need to treat your pet with a range of services from annual exams to vaccinations, and even hospice-type care.

This growing trend in pet health care is a huge advantage for non-drivers and others who have difficulty getting their animals to a veterinary office. It is also of particular benefit for households which have multiple pets. Older animals, particularly those that are arthritic and have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle can benefit immensely from a vet that comes to them instead of the other way around.

Any number of things from illness to managing kids, to tight work schedules can make it difficult to get an animal to a non-emergency clinic appointment in a timely manner. Having the option of your pet being seen at home is more than just convenient, it's practical and efficient.

Visiting a patient in the comfort of their own abode allows the vet to get a firsthand look at the home environment and easily asses lifestyle, usually at a time that is more convenient for the pet parent. Not having to struggle to get an animal into the car, and then inside a veterinary clinic in turn, makes the house call option a lot less stressful for everyone as well.

House call veterinarians tend to have more flexible schedules than clinic-only pet doctors. Because they work solo or within smaller practices, you and your animal will most likely see the same care giver at each appointment.

Ready for a veterinary house call visit? (See the sampling of local providers below.) Confine your four-legged child to a small area such as a bathroom just before their scheduled appointment. This will save time as you won't have to spend the beginning of the session corralling them. Budget an additional thirty minutes in your calendar just in case your care provider gets delayed in traffic (or Nola street construction!)

New Orleans area mobile vets:

Metairie Small Animal Hospital

Canal Street Veterinary Hospital

Fur de Lis Mobile Veterinary Service

Healthy Paws Mobile Veterinary Service

Pamela Doskey Mobile Vet - Gretna

For more information on pet health and veterinary care, please be sure to see the Petit Pet Care Pinterest boards, Pet Health and Safety.

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